Vend-O-Price is a grocery item game played on the turntable which debuted on September 25, 2015 (#7215K), during Season 44's Decades Week. As its name implies, a large vending machine is involved.


The contestant is given a coin to put in the slot of a giant vending machine. Three grocery items are displayed. A certain number of each grocery item appears in each row of the vending machine (example: 8 of one item, 6 of another item, and 3 of a third item). The contestant has to pick which row of items in the vending machine is the most expensive of all (the one with the biggest total price) in order to win the prize. They do this by pulling on the lever of their choice. All three rows have a different item in a different amount and they range from low to high. Each item's individual price is revealed and then multiplied by the quantity of items to determine their total.


  • The sound heard when revealing the total of each set of items was revived from the retired pricing game Penny Ante, but only heard the first three times it was played and also when played specially in the CBS talk show The Talk. A rattling sound (mainly what vending machines do when dispensing a product) replaced it thereafter.
  • After the contestant makes their decision, they check the prices like in Bullseye 'II' and Grocery Game to see how much each cost and Most Expensive hoping the contestant's choice is the highest of the bunch.
  • All the grocery items used in this game are food products, just like you would find normal food products in any vending machine.
  • Vend-O-Price is the newest pricing game to be played on the turntable since Coming or Going.
  • The game was won on its first playing.
  • On November 11, 2015 (#7283K), the game received its first loss, on its fourth playing.
  • During a Big Money Week episode (aired on October 28, 2016, #7665K), Vend-O-Price was played for a cash prize of $10,000, but unfortunately it was not won.
  • The game has been lost 21 times, most recently on April 27, 2018 (#8315K).
  • Vend-O-Price has been played for a car four times: (October 14, 2015, #7243K, aired out of order on October 12, 2015, November 1, 2016, #7672K, May 15, 2017, #7941K, during Dream Car Week and March 22, 2018, #8264K, during Youth Week). The first three playings were won, but the fourth one was lost.
  • Normally, Drew asks George Gray to describe the products in the vending machine before the contestant inserts the coin, and the machine opens up, revealing how many of each product there are. On at least one playing, the contestant has put their coin in first.
  • On the Back To School special on August 21, 2017 (#8001K, aired out of order on September 8, originially rescheduled to air on August 25), the top shelf was 22 packages of ramen noodles (the other items being Red Bull energy drinks and frozen pizza, the theme being that the items were the staples of a college student's diet), the largest number of items on the top shelf. Despite being such a large number of items, the 22 packages of ramen noodles were the cheapest item in the game, coming out to only $5.50. (The 7 cans of Red Bull were by a wide margin the most expensive.)
  • On February 19, 2018 (#8221K, aired out of order on February 22), during Big Money Week, Vend-O-Price was played for $40,000, but unfortunately, it was lost.
  • On March 6, 2018 (#8242K, aired out of order on January 9) during Publishers Clearing House week, contestant Nathan Crockett won a $20,000 bonus for being the first contestant to win a pricing game. It was played in the first slot.
  • On April 27, 2018 (#8315K) during the Bachelor/Bachelorette Special, Vend-O-Price was played for a trip to the Bahamas worth $46,315, but unfortunately, it was lost.


Premiere Playing (September 25, 2015, #7215K)Edit

First Vend-o-Price Loss (November 11, 2015, #7283K)Edit

Vend-o-Price for $10,000 (October 28, 2016, #7665K)Edit

Vend-o-Price for a Toyota 86 (May 15, 2017, #7941K)Edit

Vend-o-Price for $40,000 (February 19, 2018, #8221K, aired out of order on February 22)Edit

Vend-o-Price for a $46,000 Trip to the Bahamas (April 27, 2018, #8315K)Edit

YouTube VideosEdit

Vend-O-Price first playing (September 25, 2015, #7215K)
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