Theresa Ring (born in San Diego, CA) is an American Model, Actress, and former Beauty Pageant competitor. She appeared as a tryout model on The Price is Right in November 1993.

Early CareerEdit

Theresa Ring got her first taste of fame when she competed in the 1984 Miss USA pageant, representing her hometown of San Diego, California. In 1987, she appeared on the talent competition show Star Search (hosted by Ed McMahon) as a spokes model.

Game Show CareerEdit

  • In the Game Show world, she first worked as a prize model on the 1980s version of Strike it Rich (hosted by Joe Garagolia & ran from September 15, 1986 to September 1987) and from there, she appeared as a one week guest Card Dealer on the Bob Eubanks version of Card Sharks.
  • Theresa then auditioned to become the newest Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right (Season 22, replacing 18-year vet Dian Parkinson) as her string of tryout appearances ran in mid-November 1993, with the 15th being her first appearance and continuing on until the 23rd, for a total of 6 shows.

Later careerEdit

  • As a working actress, Theresa landed guest starring roles on shows such as Quantum Leap, Freddy's Nightmares, and appeared in the 1988 movie Dangerous Curves as a character named Vicki.


(Theresa as a tryout model on The Price is Right in November 1993)

(Theresa as the prize model on the game show Strike it Rich, 1986-1987)

(Theresa during her Miss USA Pageant days)

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