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Barker's Beauties

The Price is Right Models are the lovely ladies of the show. They are the ones showing off the prizes offered and demonstrating them too. They've been the most vital part of the show ever since its 1956 debut & 1972 return and are still part of the show today. Models have come & gone over the years but they still give sex appeal to appliances.

NOTE: During Bob Barker's tenure, the models were known as "Barker's Beauties".

Model ListEdit

Here a list of all the models that have been on the show:


Beverly Bentley
June Ferguson
Maryann James
Gail Sheldon
Carolyn Stroupe
Toni Wallace


Name Debut Departure Notes
Kyle Aletter 1981 1996 Substitute model usually for Holly Hallstrom. She's the real life daughter of actress Lee Meriwether. The only model to join the show since the 1980s.
Manuela Arbeláez 2008 Present First Hispanic model on the show, participated in 2008 model search. Joined cast during Brandi Sherwood's pregnancy.
Kathleen Bradley 1990 2000 First permanent African American model on the daytime show.
Starr Campbell 2004 2005
Lanisha Cole 2003 2010 She was also a sub model for Deal or No Deal.
Tiffany Coyne 2011 Present Substitute model and a former Utah Jazz Dancer. Her current gig is Let's Make a Deal. Returned to Price is Right on April 8, 2013 (air date).
Phire Dawson 2005 2008
Zubaydah Donaldson 2004 2004
Chantel Dubay 1996 1999 Now known as Chantel Dubay-Beck. Last model to leave the show in the 20th century.
Jennifer England 2002 2003
Anitra Ford 1972 1976 Anitra was the 1st model to leave the show and the only model to leave in the 1970s.
Lisa Gleave 2002 2003 Went on to become Case Model #3 on Deal or No Deal.
Teri Harrison 2003 2005
Holly Hallstrom 1977 1995 Left in 1983, returned in 1984.
Claudia Jordan 2001 2003 Went on to become Case Model #1 on Deal or No Deal.
Lauren Jones 2007 2007 Last model to join the show under Bob Barker's tenure.
Heather Kozar 2001 2002 First model to join the show in the 21st century.
Amber Lancaster 2008 Present First model under Drew Carey's tenure to stay on the show for 5 years.
Cindy Margolis 1995 1996 Substitute model
Tamiko Nash 2007 2008 First model under Drew Carey's tenure to join the show.
Gena Lee Nolin 1994 1996
Gwendolyn Osborne 2005 Present Has often modeled with her son and her husband Kenny Smith.
Dian Parkinson 1975 1993
Janice Pennington 1972 2000 To date, she's the longest serving of all of them.
Rebecca Mary Pribonic 2004 2006
Rachel Reynolds 2003 Present Rachel returned to the show after June 14, 2013 after being on maternity leave for 4 months. So far, Reynolds has been on the show for 10 years.
Brandi Sherwood 2002 2009
Shane Stirling 2002 2008
Aly Sutton 2006 2006
Gabrielle Tuite 2003 2008
Rob Wilson 2012 Present First male model on the show, and male model search winner.
Nikki Ziering 1999 2002 Last model to appear on the show for the 20th century.


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