The Price Is Right (1985 - 1986 U.S. Version) was a nighttime spin-off hosted by Tom Kennedy. The nighttime series aired on September 9, 1985 until May 30, 1986.


  • The 1980s nighttime Price is Right was basically the same as its daytime counterpart, only here it used the half-hour format used in the previous nighttime version and from 1972-1975 during the daytime run.
  • Like the previous syndicated series, this version had a slightly larger budget than its daytime counterpart. A perfect bid during the One-Bid won that contestant a $500 bonus (compared to $100 awarded on the daytime show during the same period); this was later carried over to the daytime show beginning in early Season 27.
  • There was no Double Showcase bonus in this version nor the prior nighttime version.
  • This version used the same models as the daytime show. When Johnny Olson died in October 1985, Gene Wood filled in as announcer until producers chose Rod Roddy as Olson's replacement. The nighttime version did not feature rotating auditions for announcers as the daytime show did.

History Edit

  • This version was an attempt by Goodson-Todman to compete with Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! for primetime syndication ratings. However, it backfired and was placed in late night slots in most markets.
  • This show replaced Family Feud and was later replaced itself by Card Sharks.
  • Tom Kennedy later stated this was the hardest show he ever hosted and that he had a new respect for Bob Barker and his hosting abilities.
  • This version aired in reruns on Game Show Network (GSN).