The (New) Price Is Right (1972-1980 U.S. Version) is a syndicated TV show that had Dennis James host the show from 1972-1977 and by Bob Barker from 1977-1980.


  • The 1970s nighttime Price is Right was basically the same as its daytime counterpart, only here it used the half-hour format used from 1972-1975 during the daytime run.
  • This version had a slightly larger budget than its daytime counterpart.
  • There was no Double Showcase bonus in this version nor the later nighttime version.
  • This version used the same models as the daytime show.

History Edit

  • Dennis James was the initial choice of Goodson-Todman to host all versions of the program. However, CBS wanted Bob Barker, which is why James only hosted this version (save for a few daytime episodes were he filed-in for a sick Bob Barker).
  • Unofficially called "The Nighttime Price is Right" as it aired Saturday or Sunday evening in most markets.
  • The entire run of this series exists (Except for 001N), but the program never aired in reruns. A large reason for this was Barker's ban on rerunning episodes of the show featuring fur prizes, with this version featuring them much more than the daytime version.
  • The show started off strong in the ratings. However, it began to decline when the daytime version moved to one hour and this version was compared unfavorably to that version. Dennis James signed a five-year contract to host, which expired in 1977 and wasn't renewed. Barker hosted the final three seasons in an attempt to improve the ratings, which was unsuccessful.
  • in 1980, Goodson-Todman moved their weekly syndicated shows to five days a week, including Family Feud and Match Game. However, they decided to cancel this version of The Price is Right to focus on a daily syndicated version of To Tell the Truth instead.