That's Too Much! is a pricing game similar to Range Game played for a car. To win, the contestant must figure out which of ten prices is no more than $1,000 over the retail price of the car.


  • A line of ten prices increasing in value is concealed on the game board, none of which is the actual price of the car. One by one the prices are revealed, and the contestant must determine the first price revealed that is higher than the price of the car to win it. Upon reaching the price he or she believes is the answer, the player is asked to shout "That's too much!"
  • The game should have a range indicator to determine if you have gone over or under the range limit to win the automobile. For example: The 1st price should be no more than $1,000 over the actual retail price. If the price the contestant stopped on is less than $1,000 over the retail price, the game is won; if it is not, he/she lost the game.


  • When the game was first played, a picture of the automobile was shown below and a price was shown above. The picture of the automobile was removed on May 1, 2001 (#1792K).
  • The game received its first win on its second playing on April 25, 2001 (#1783K). It has been won 110 times. The most recent win happened on October 6, 2017 (#8035K, aired out of order on June 29, 2018; in reality, the most recent win happened on May 29, 2018, #8362K).
  • From its premiere date until June 23, 2009 (#4812K), the game is last playing in Season 37, the buzzers or the winning bells were heard before the price was revealed. Beginning on September 21, 2009 (#4831K, the Season 38 premiere), the price was revealed and then the winning bells or the buzzer were heard after that. On October 10, 2013 (#6444K, aired out of order on October 3), a new price reveal was added so that the last two numbers are on the bottom, and the price above, although on February 17, 2014 (#6621K) and May 27, 2014 (#6762K), the split screen reveal was not used.
  • On March 21, 2012 (#5893K), the game was played for two cars with the contestant being asked to stop at the first price above the combined actual retail prices of both cars.
  • The losing horns were not used on March 26, 2014 (#6673K) and May 7, 2014 (#6733K).
  • On October 15, 2014 (#6843K, aired out of order on October 17), during Dream Car Week, a $145,810 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster was offered to a boy named Craig, but was not won (he stopped one too soon).
  • On February 3, 2015 (#6992K, aired out of order on February 5), a blooper occurred in which the first two prices were revealed at the same time.
  • On April 27, 2015 (#7111K, aired out of order on April 13), a pair of Hyundai cars were offered at a total of $34,040, and were won.
  • On August 11, 2015 (#7202K, aired out of order on August 10), the game was renamed "That's Too Much Sun".
  • On the "Best of 2015" New Year's Eve special on December 31, 2015 (#7344K), a pair of Mitsubishi Mirage DEs were offered worth $29,810, but were not won.
  • On the Survivor Primetime Special on May 23, 2016 (#034SP), the exclamation point was repainted blue for the Survivor theme. On June 2, 2016 (#7564K), the blue exclamation point has been carried over to the daytime show.


  • "That's Too Much!" is the first pricing game to premiere in the 21st century.
  • Host Bob Barker usually asked the contestant to demonstrate shouting "That's too much!" before the game began. If a contestant happened to be a member of the military, for example, Bob might ask him/her to shout it "like a drill sergeant or a football coach", therefore with vigor, vitality and energy. Particularly unenthusiastic attempts, such as not using the phrase word for word or saying the phrase too lightly, usually resulted an admonishment from Barker and jeers from the audience. Drew Carey, on the other hand, doesn't emphasize the shouting, but still requires the phrase to be used to stop the game. Under Barker, after a contestant said "That's too much!", the decision was final. Carey, however, has allowed changes to be made if the contestant wishes to before the reveal.
  • The game is an antithesis to many pricing games; instead of being closest to the actual retail price without going over, to win the game, the contestant is supposed to be closest to the actual retail price and go over.
  • Drew Carey often remarks on the difficulty of this game when it is played.
  • Sadly, the game was never won on the primetime version of the show, despite the fact that it has been played 7 times.
  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 36.
  • The staff does not create new fake prices for That’s Too Much! Any fake used in this game is drawn from approximately 40 possibilities.


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