Telephone Game was one of only two pricing games in which winning all of the announced prizes was not possible (not including small prizes or cash consolation prizes), but players playing this, were guaranteed one; the other is Any Number.

NOTE: This has no connection whatsoever with the future Phone Home Game.


  • The contestant was given $1 credit and was shown four grocery items. They used the credit to select two of the items, and their prices were deducted from the dollar. The contestant had to retain a dime to use the game's pay telephone. If they spent more than 90 cents, the game ended and the contestant won nothing.
  • Otherwise, the contestant was given a dime and taken to the telephone. They were also shown a phone book showing three large, unlabeled four-digit phone numbers. Each number corresponded with one of the prizes: one was the price of the car in dollars; the other two numbers represented the prices of the two small prizes in dollars and cents (if a decimal were placed in the middle of the four digits).
  • The contestant selected one of the numbers and used the dime to call the number. Each prize had a telephone sitting next to it; the phone next to the prize whose price was dialed rang and was answered by a model, and the contestant won that prize.


  • Telephone Game was retired after only three playings, making it the second-shortest-lived pricing game after Professor Price. According to former producer Roger Dobkowitz, the reason it was retired was because "It was lame!"


These pictures are from the 3rd and final playing of the game. You can watch the full video footage by clicking on the video link below.

YouTube VideoEdit

A playing of The Telephone Game

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