Tandra Cromer (born January 11, 1971 in Bedford, Texas) is an American Model and former Cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys Football Team. She appeared as a Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right for one week in 1994.

Early CareerEdit

Native of Bedford, Texas. Tandra Cromer is perhaps more known for her background in Cheerleading. She worked in the Dallas Cowboys sales and promotion office in addition to her work as a cheerleader. As a cheerleader, she helped cheer the Dallas Cowboys to not one but two Super Bowl championships. She cheered for the Dallas Cowboys for five years.

"Price is Right" auditionEdit

  • In March 1994, Tandra Cromer entered a local contest which was for the television game show The Price is Right and "Barker's Beauties Month" as the show, since October of 1993, had various models auditioning to permanently replace 18-year veteran Dian Parkinson, who departed back in June. In Dallas, one of four cities the contest was ran, Tandra was the chosen winner of the "Barker's Beauties Month" contest, beating out nearly 750 women. She was then flown to Los Angeles to prepare for the new gig. Along with Tandra, the other three winners of the contest were Melissa Cortez of Los Angeles, Michelle Hunter of Detroit, and Lisa Lopez of Miami and all appeared as Barker's Beauties for one week during "Barker's Beauties Month".
  • None of these ladies from the contest were chosen as the permanent Barker's Beauty. Gena Lee Nolin (who first appeared on May 3, 1994) from Duluth, Minnesota was the one chosen as the permanent replacement although it wasn't officially announced until the Season 23rd Premiere episode the following September.


Tandra as a Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right during her one week stint in March 1994.

Tandra as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.


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