Stack the Deck is a game played for a car and with 6 grocery items where 3 match the displayed price.


  • The contestant is shown seven different digits (in the style of playing cards), five of which are the digits in the price of a car.
  • The contestant is given an opportunity to "stack the deck" in their favor and receive up to three digits of the car is price in their correct positions. The contestant is shown three pairs of grocery items, one at a time. Each pair has a price displayed, and the contestant must select the item that correctly corresponds to the price. For each correct answer, the contestant may choose any of the digits in the car's price to be revealed; the corresponding card is then put in its slot.
  • After the three prices have been guessed, the contestant must fill in the remaining slots correctly using the remaining cards to win the car. The car's price is then revealed by flipping over the game title.
  • The ideal strategy is to ask for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th digits. Assuming the grocery portion is played perfectly, the game ultimately becomes guessing the thousands' part of the car's price.


  • On the game's very first playing on October 9, 2006 (#3711K), it was won right away. For full proof click on the link seen below.
  • Beginning on September 24, 2009 (#4834K), the number cards are in numerical order; Until June 16, 2009, the playings had the number cards in a mixed order.
  • On January 23, 2015 (#6975K, aired out of order on February 6), a new screen graphic was introduced with the picture of the contestant in between the pictures of the two grocery items. With this change, the prices of both items can be seen simultaneously.
  • It was created by former (then-current) director Bart Eskander.
  • On March 3, 2015 (#7032K, aired out of order on April 7), a former Price is Right contestant from 1996, Martha, who played Dice Game and lost, but ended up in the Showcase and won her Showcase, played this game. She also lost, and also did not make it to the Showcase.
  • On January 11, 2016 (#7361K), contestant Rachelle got just 1 grocery item correct, and wanted the 5th number, a 4. Needing the first 4 numbers, she correctly guessed $21,834, and won the Scion.
  • Stack the Deck has been won 25 times. The most recent win happened on December 18, 2017 (#8131K). Since then, it is in a losing streak.


  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 19.
  • Then-director Bart Eskander created Stack the Deck.


  • The price of the car cannot have any repeating digits.


Premiere Playing (October 9, 2006, #3711K)Edit

Lisha's 1 Number Win (October 11, 2010, #5261K, aired out of order on September 20 at 2 p.m.)Edit

Stack the Deck for a BMW 328i Convertible (January 14, 2011, #5395K)Edit

Rachelle's 1 Number Win (January 11, 2016, #7361K)Edit

Stack the Deck for a Cadillac ATS (May 22, 2018, #8352K)Edit

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