Rosie Tenison (born December 2, 1968 in Caldwell, Idaho) is an African-American Model and Actress. She appeared as a Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right back in 2001 during model tryouts.

Early Life & CareerEdit

  • Rosie was born and raised in Caldwell, Idaho. She has three older brothers and an identical twin sister, Renee, who made history by becoming the first African-American Centerfold in Playboy magazine. They posed together in the August 2002 issue of the magazine. Rosie was never a playmate whereas Renee posed in the November 1989 issue and was named Playmate of the Year for 1990.
  • Rosie has appeared in various guest starring roles on various television shows which include

Martin, Married With Children, Malcolm & Eddie, and had a main character role on the TV series L.A. Heat, which was an action-packed Los Angeles detective program.

  • After L.A. Heat, Tenison moved on to land other TV gigs as well as continuing to land modeling gigs.

Price is Right audition & Later CareerEdit

  • In early 2001, she auditioned to become one of two newest Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right as the producers were conducting auditions to find two permanent replacements for longtime ex-models Kathleen Bradley and Janice Pennington.
  • Rosie scored an audition as she made her first string of appearances from January 12th to January 26th and then again from January 30th to February 2nd for a total of 15 episodes.
  • Her twin sister, Renee, also auditioned to be a Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right back in 1990.
  • Today, Rosie continues to appear in modeling catalogs and magazines alongside her twin sister, Renee as well as continuing to appear in television and movies.


(Rosie as a Tryout Model on The Price is Right in 2001)

(Rosie's twin sister Renee as a Tryout Model in 1990)

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