Roger Kurt Dobkowitz (born July 30, 1945 in San Francisco, California) is the head of his own production company in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his 24-year tenure as a producer of the CBS game show The Price is Right.

Early LifeEdit

He graduated from San Francisco State University in 1972 after completing a thesis, An Historical Study of Prime-Time Network Audience Participation Shows 1948-1968. He currently writes a blog that reviews current and past movies.

Game Show CareerEdit

Other game shows that he has been involved with are Family Feud, the 1970s Double Dare, Now You See It, and the 1973-1982 era of Match Game. Dobkowitz's sister-in-law, Karen Wohlmuth, is the current production manager of Price.

The Price is RightEdit

Dobkowitz started as a member of the production staff with The Price Is Right when the show debuted in 1972, and became a producer in 1984. He created eighteen of the show's pricing games (one of which, Gas Money, debuted on the first new episode after his departure). He was also influential in the show's automobile restriction that until 2008 permitted automobiles and trucks from only three American manufacturers (General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler) to be offered as prizes. He won five Emmy Awards for his work on the show.

Bob Barker would often ask Dobkowitz when the last time an unusual event in the show's history took place, which became such a frequent occurrence toward the end of Barker's tenure that one Showcase skit had Dobkowitz reading from a fake book entitled "Roger, when was the last time that happened?" The Official T.P.I.R. Record Book.

Dobkowitz left Price in July 2008, following production on the show's 36th season. While Variety reported that it was unclear whether his termination was voluntary, Drew Carey stated in an interview with Esquire that Dobkowitz was fired.

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