Robert Scott "Rob" Wilson (born November 9, 1987) was raised in Uxbridge & Grafton, Massachusetts, near Boston.

Early LifeEdit

His mom still lives in Framingham. After graduating from Grafton Memoial High School in 2006, he moved to New York City, went back to Massachusetts for a couple of years and then to Los Angeles in 2010.


In 2012, he won the first-ever male model search contest for The Price is Right selected by viewers online. That year, he was part of the Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes, then was asked to stay on. He recalls watching the show with his grandmother who helped raised him. He gets excited when the Plinko game comes out. The former Ford model has been featured in numerous print advertising campaigns and music videos. Wilson is a big-time Celtic's fan who would love to travel to Fiji one day. From home, he mostly misses Italian Food. Now, he's doing double-duty filiming the new online version of All My Children in Connecticut, playing as Pete Cortland while still flying to Los Angeles for tapings of The Price is Right.



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