This was a game that was only played in the UK during Leslie Crowther's tenure. It was one of the more less exciting games.

The winner of One Bid was faced with six prices with one of them being given as a starting price. Now the contestant's job is to pick three of the other five prices to add to the starting price and the object of the game is to create a total of the price of a prize. If the contestant can't do it the first time, Leslie would tell the contestant if his/her total guess is higher or lower than the actual retail price; then has to make (a) change(s) using one or both of the two unchosen prices. Failure on the second chance lost the game, but matching the total price with the actual price won the prize.

The particular game would evolve into the second version of Balance Game except with four amounts and only one chance to do it.



A playing of Permutation

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