Nikki Zeno is a Latina, African-American Model, Singer, and former beauty pageant winner. She previously appeared as one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right during it's 34th season.

Early LifeEdit

Nikki has always had a passion for being in the entertainment field. In her teens, she was managed by Joseph Jackson & his stepbrother Mr. Bongo Rock Preston Epps. She's performed in music venues all over the world but then decided to take a back seat for a while she wanted pursue her college degrees. Nikki graduated with an A.S. degree in Social Science, a B.A. degree in Psychological & a Real Estate License. After graduating from college, Zeno began a modeling career immediately after she won the very first pageant she entered, Ms. Los Angeles in 2000.

Beauty Pageantry and ModelingEdit

After that she took the title of Ms. California. Nikki became unstoppable as she's competed in and winning dozens of other local pageants including Ms. Columbia, Ms. Anitgua, Ms. Truckin Nationals, Ms. Nopi Nationals, Ms. Palm Springs, Ms. Huntington Beach, Ms. Latin America (2 years in a row) Ms. Max Muscles, Ms. Bacardi.

For 8 years, Nikki was a Bench Warmer Model. She's also served 4 years as a Lingerie Bowl football player, a spokesmodel for Sony, and the NHRA Nation Anthem singer for 2 years.

Zeno has graced the covers of many magazines and became the first Latina Model to be featured on the cover for Trunkin magazine, Sports Truck, and Import Tuner.

Price is Right CareerEdit

With all of her amazing credentials added to her resume, Nikki decided to add one of thing to her impressive portfolio, Game Show modeling. She auditioned to become one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right during it's 34th season on the air. She aced the audition and was one of three guest models to appear on-camera, making her debut on the program on October 4th and continuing to appear until October 17th, 2005, for a total of 10 appearances.

Nikki was the second Latina model to be have appeared on the show. Sonia Vera was the first.

Years later, Nikki was overjoyed when she learned that her friend Rob Wilson made history by becoming The Price is Right's very first permanent male model to be featured in 2012. Wilson continued on as the male model on the program until 2014 and was replaced by James O'Halloran, who continues to this present day.


Nikki on "Price is Right"

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