Mindy Kennedy Alvarez is an former American Model and aspiring actress. She appeared as a Barker's Beauty during model tryouts on The Price is Right during it's 22nd season and returning during it's 24th season. After appearing on Price, she returned to school as she finished her studies in law, and she is now a lawyer in California.

Early CareerEdit

Mindy graduated from Palo Verde High School in 1986. She then decided to pursue a career as an aspiring model and actress. She auditioned for numerous modeling gigs and well as TV and movies roles. In 1989, she landed a role in the independent movie Lobster Man from Mars playing a character named Tammy.

Price is Right CareerEdit

Kennedy Alvarez was one of several tryout models who auditioned to become the newest Barker's Beauty, permanently replacing 18-year veteran Dian Parkinson, who departed back in June 1993. Mindy scored an audition, making her tryout debut on January 20, 1994 and appearing until January 27. Over the next period of months, Mindy was invited back several times as she was one of three tryout models the show's producers liked the best and having to appear in more shows than the rest. The other two were Cynthia Brimhall (first appearing in December 1993 & off and on again between March & April) and Gena Lee Nolin (first appeared in May & again two weeks later, remaining until the end of the season), whom was selected as the new permanent Barker's Beauty as it was announced at the beginning of the show's 23rd season.

Gena only spent one full season as a Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right. She returned for the first week of the show's 24th season in September 1995 and left the series after she auditioned for (during hiatus from Price) and landing contract role on Baywatch. After Gena's departure and Holly Hallstrom's abrupt dismissal that October, it then decided by the show's producers to downsize the number of models from four to three. Annette Marroquin and Cindy Margolis, both of whom also auditioned to become the newest Barker's Beauty back in season 23, were asked back by the show's producers as they rotated the fourth spot after Gena left for Baywatch and weeks before Holly was terminated.

The producers decided to keep the model tryouts small as Cindy remained with the series over the next several months, appearing until January 1996 and returning again briefly that February. Mindy was also asked to return to the show for a period of weeks as the third spot was rotated between Mindy, Cindy, Michele Smith, Kyle Aletter, and Chantel Dubay. In April, Chantel was the one chosen as the newest Barker's Beauty as she remained with the series until September 1999, the start of the show's 28th season and was replaced by Nikki Ziering.

After Price, Later CareerEdit

After her extended career as one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right, Mindy decided to end her career in front of the camera and in the spotlight as she returned to her studies. She attended law school as she studied to become a lawyer and later graduating.

She is now a lawyer in the state of California and she is also married.

Mindy is in no relation whatsoever to former Nighttime Price is Right host Tom Kennedy.

Gallery Edit

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