Mercedes Luna (born March 31, 198? in Mexicali, Baja Mexico) is a Mexican-American Model and an aspiring actress.

Early LifeEdit

  • Mercedes spent her early life in Baja, Mexico. She was raised by her Grandmother and is the middle child of three with an older brother and a younger sister. Mercedes joined her mother in the United States when she was eleven years of age. Her early interest included Taekwondo, the flute, dance classes and loved watching Disney movies as she loved to memorize all of the words to popular Disney princess songs. She sang them extremely well which a lot of people found surprising because she arrived to the U.S. not knowing one word of English.

Early CareerEdit

  • By the age of thirteen, Luna was able to settle into her new life in Southern California and became very interested in the acting & modeling world. She began modeling for agencies representing up and coming talent and was soon noticed by a couple of well-known photographers whose pictures started her portfolio book. When she was nineteen, Mercedes caught the eye of the Los Angeles Lakers, where she did a Lakers photo shoot & served as a Spanish announcer for upcoming events on Lakers TV. She soon after joined the International Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pageant where Mercedes went on to place in the Top Ten. She had her eye on acting as well and joined scene study with Ivanna Chubbuck and West Side Casting Studios where she was a standout student.

Acting CareerEdit

  • Mercedes moved on to land other modeling gigs and audition for roles in TV and movies.
  • One of her biggest accomplishments was appearing as one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right during Season 35 which was the last for then-host Bob Barker. Luna appeared as a model on the CBS Game Show from March 27th to April 16th, 2007 for a total of 10 episodes.

Current CareerEdit

  • After her stint on The Price is Right, Mercedes moved on to other career opportunities. She also served as Miss Makita 2007, where she traveled the entire country each week and modeled for Rockstar.
  • Luna enjoys representing companies as a spokesmodel and has recently begun voice lessons as well as resumed her acting classes. She has performed in some great plays and her ultimate goal is to become a major Hollywood Actress and star in a motion picture.


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