Mash-Up Week is a week where two CBS game shows "Let's Make A Deal" and "The Price is Right" swap games, cast members and other things.

Week #1 (5/9-5/13) "Price is Right"Edit

Day TPIR TPIR Rule Change Result
Monday Car Pong Car Pong is a game where you have at least 5 seconds to bounce 1 ball at a time into cups to win a car and/or cash. You can get 5 more seconds for each correct answer given to a pop culture question – there are 3 correct answers to each question, which means you can have a maximum of 20 seconds. On today’s show, the pop culture question has been replaced by what is essentially Danger Price with small prizes, and an additional 5 seconds for each correctly picked small prize, with the small prize section ending as soon as the wrong prize is picked. $500 Won
Tuesday Go for a Spin To replace Zonks with cars, the contestant had to guess whether the right price in a vane font was either right side up or upside down. Lost
Wednesday Gold Rush Gameplay was basically the same, except that the numbers on the crates with the gold inside were also the numbers in the price of the car. Unlike LMAD's playing, finding the first dynamite did not reset the money ladder, but give contestant chances to bail after correct digits are found. The game was also featured on the December 30 episode as part of the "Best of 2016" Special. Lost
Thursday Accelerator Gameplay was basically the same, except the contestant gets two free rolls to start, and may win up to three more by placing four grocery items in order from least expensive to most expensive (similar to Hole in One (or Two)). As usual, each time a letter is landed on, the associated cash amount in that wedge is awarded and all four instances of that letter turns into Zonk spaces, hitting a Zonk space loses all accumulated cash, but if contestant has spin(s) remaining, he or she could continue spinning, and if all three letters are hit, the player wins the car and all accumulated cash. Won (also won $1,500)
Friday Smash for Cash There are 6 grocery items that have a piggy bank on top, you have to pick the 5 that are below a given price. Jonathan will smash the piggy bank that corresponds to your pick. If it's right, dollar bills will be found inside the smashed piggy bag – the one that is wrong has a zonk. For every dollar bills found, you advance up a money ladder - $0 -> $1,000 (3 bills), $2,000 (5 bills), $3,000 (8 bills) -> $5,000 (11 bills) -> $20,000 (finding all 15 bills). you may bail once you found at least three dollar bills. Loss

Week #1 (5/9-5/13) "Let's Make a Deal"Edit

Day LMAD LMAD Rule Change Result
Monday Cliff Hangers Instead of moving up the mountain based on incorrect guesses, Yodely Guy's moves were determined by numbers inside three envelopes (gold, silver & bronze). There were three sets in all. The object was to get Yodely Guy to one of two prize zones without causing him to fall off after 25 steps. The orange zone (16 - 21 steps) was for medium-value prize and the red zone (22 - 25 Steps) was for the car. Golf Clubs Won
Tuesday Hole in One or Two Instead of placing grocery items in proper order, the game was played in levels. The first level (The sixth price line) was for a small cash prize, the second level (The fourth price line) was for a bigger prize and the last level (The first price line) was for the car. Lost
Wednesday Five Price Tags This playing focused on Manuela's blooper; which was accidentally revealing the winning price. The trader was faced with five price tags. One of them was the price of the car offered in that playing. Then, contestant may take the sure thing (Which was present in the similar blooper style) and walk away. Choosing the right price won $20,000. Bailout
Thursday Master Key It was a two player game. Each contestant selected a key by number and model James tried each one out. Should one prize be won by the first player, it became out of play for the second player. Won
Friday Punch-A-Bunch Three separate players take up to three separate punches (One for the first, two for the second, and three for the last) at the punch board. They can either take the total money they punched, or take a sure thing. Player 1: Passed on $100 cash and wins $2,500 on Luxury Makeover
Player 2: Passed on Whistler, BC worth $8,210 and wins $1,100 cash
Player 3: Passed on $2,250 and got Zonked with a Chocolate Hot Tub


Car Pong

Go For A Spin

Gold Rush


Smash for Cash