Kids Day is where kids age 8-14 come with their parents to play The Price is Right. The mother or father can bring as many as three kids to the show. It can be a mother and boy team, a father and boy team, a mother and daughter team, a father and daughter team or it can be a two-son team with a parent, a two-daughter team with a parent or a mix of a son-daughter team with a parent. It was first introduced during season 41.

While children are allowed input on gaming decisions, the rules do state that all final decisions must be made by the parent.


  • The first Kids Special was on April 18, 2013 (#6314K, aired out of order on May 3, 2013 due to CBS coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing).
  • The second Kids Special was on December 30, 2013 (#6551K, aired out of order on December 27, 2013).
  • The third Kids Special aired on January 19, 2015 (#6971K).
  • The fourth Kids Special aired on Christmas Eve in 2015 (#7334K).
  • The fifth Kids Special aired on December 23, 2016 (#7735K).
  • The sixth Kids Special will become a full week of shows starting in 2018.

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