Kathleen JoAnn Bradley (born on January 10, 1951 in Girard, Ohio) is an African-American Model, Actress, and Author. She is best known for being one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right from December 24, 1990 to December 15, 2000.

Early Life & CareerEdit

Born and raised in Girard, Ohio to parents Albert and Winnie Bradley, Kathleen Bradley knew at an early age that she wanted a career in the entertainment field and she worked very hard to turn her dreams at stardom into reality. After she graduated from High School, Kathleen packed her bags and made the move to Los Angeles, California. Soon she began hitting the Beauty Pageant scene and winning numerous titles including 1971's "Miss Black California".

Bradley also had an incredible talent for singing. In 1979, she was part of the short-lived disco group Destination, which had a hit single with a remake of Curtis Mayfield's Move on Up. From there, she formed a singing group along six other aspiring singers as they called themselves "The Love Machine". The ladies shared stages with numerous well-known entertainers such as Sammy Davis Jr., Duke Ellington, Tom Jones, and Julio Igelsias. Kathleen and The Love Machine soon began traveling the globe as they performed for Kings, Queens and diginatries.

Acting CareerEdit

Aside from the singing gigs and beauty pageants, Kathleen also had a talent of acting, which was her first love. She has landed guest starring roles on numerous TV shows as well as appearing in stage plays. Bradley played the lead role in the musical comedy/drama Charlene and then appearing in the 1940s style musical/comedy Color of the Blues.

In 1987, Kathleen starred in a movie titled Perfume where she played the lead character, Vashti. The movie was written and directed by Dr. Roland Jefferson and was nominated for Best Original Screenplay by the NAACP Image Awards. Some of Kathleen's other movie credits include Harlem Nights and Troop Beverly Hills but her best known movie role is playing Mrs. Parker, the sexy, seductive neighbor in the 1995 comedy Friday, starring rapper-turned-actor Ice Cube, who spotted her on an episode of The Price is Right and decided that she was the perfect candidate for the part.

The Price is RightEdit

In the spring of 1990, The Price is Right held a nationwide model search to feature their very first permanent African-American Model to appear regularly. Although a woman named Harriet actually holds the distinction of being the very first African-American model as she appeared occasionally one some of the earliest episodes of the syndicated nighttime version of The Price is Right with Dennis James hosting and a woman named Pat was the first African-American to appear as a guest model on the daytime version during Holly Hallstrom's absence during the 1983-1984 season.

Kathleen was one of five candidates to audition as she made her debut during the final week of the show's then-18th season and returning at the start of season 19. Sometime later, the show's producers then rotated back and forth between Kathleen and other Barker's Beauty hopeful and Playboy centerfold Renee Tenison as they were most likely the two finalists and ultimately awarded Kathleen with the job as announced on December 24, 1990.

Price is Right Departure and Personal LifeEdit

In 2000, Kathleen and Janice Pennington were unjustifiably let go from the show (along with several of the show's staffers). The speculation was their refusal to testify against ex-model Holly Hallstrom in her wrongful termination lawsuit against Bob Barker and both were fired as a result as their unannounced last episode aired on the 13th of December. Bradley and Pennington were not given a proper formal sendoff by the show which left a lot of fans angry and hurt. Kathleen and Janice later sued for wrongful termination but settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Kathleen has married twice. She was previously married to Bill Overton and together they have a daughter, Cheyenne. Today, she's married to her current husband Terrance Redd and they have a son together named Terrance Jr.

Other TV appearances & TriviaEdit

  • In 1979, Kathleen appeared in one of the last episodes of Good Times in an episode titled "Blood Will Tell" where she played a Nurse.
  • She appeared as an extra in two 1989 episodes of A Different World ("Risky Business" & "The Thing About Women") and is close friends with Dawnn Lewis, who played Jalessa on the series for the show's first five seasons.
  • In 1991 and again in 1993, Kathleen appeared with the cast of The Price is Right with Bob Barker serving as the team's captain on Family Feud (during the tenure of Ray Combs) as they faced off in a Soap Stars vs Barker's Beauties Special against the cast of

The Young and The Restless with future TNPiR host Doug Davidson serving as their team's captain.

  • Also in 1993, Kathleen appeared with Holly Hallstrom and Dian Parkinson (right before her departure from Price) on Vicki Lawrence's talk show Vicki! as they appeared alongside Susan Stafford, the original hostess/letter-turner on Wheel of Fortune, Carol Merrill, the original model on Let's Make a Deal, and $ale of The Century hostess and former Miss USA Summer Bartholomew.
  • In early 2002, Kathleen took part of an interview for E! channels E! True Hollywood Story about The Price is Right.
  • In 2014, Kathleen released her memoir Backstage at The Price is Right: Memoirs of a Barker Beauty, an entertaining tell-all book about her life, career as a singer and actress, as well as what all went on behind the scenes during her 10-year stint as the first permanent African-American model on The Price is Right.
  • She is close friends with Claudia Jordan, who would permanently replace her on Price in 2001.
  • Kathleen is active on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • She still appears in various TV shows in guest starring roles as she was seen in a 2016 episode of Grey's Anatomy and is currently filming an upcoming movie titled A Day of Trouble, set to release in 2018.



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