This article contains all the history & the rules for all the pricing games no longer featured on The Price is Right. The pricing games are listed in alphabetical order.

When the 1972 version of the show premiered, many games did not have official names which were used on the air. Some of the names below are unofficial or assigned by the production staff.


Credit CardEdit

Debut: December 7, 1987 (#6681D, Currently on Hiatus after October 31, 2008, #4485K)

The contestant is presented with a large credit card, which is inserted into an ATM, which then displays a "credit limit" (usually between $1,800-$2,500). The contestant must select three prizes whose prices total below the credit limit to win all five prizes. The prizes are selected one at a time, and the price is deducted from the credit limit after each selection.

This game was inactive, presumably because it was printed with an expiration date, too small to be legible on air. Originally, it was December 2007, meaning that the card has "expired", but this has not been acknowledged on-air by the host, contestants, or production staff.   

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