Hi Lo is a grocery item game with products that are high and products that are low. It's up to the contestant to find the high ones to win.


  • The contestant is shown six grocery items and is asked to select what they think are the three highest-priced items and their prices are revealed and placed in the Hi row. Then, the lowest-priced of the items in the Hi row is kept and the remaining three items' prices are checked and placed in the Lo row. If all three remaining items are priced lower than the least expensive of the selected items, the contestant wins a prize.


  • The first and possibly second playings of Hi Lo had different rules. The contestant selected an item, its price was revealed and they then guessed whether it was one of the three more expensive items or one of the three less expensive items; this continued until either all six items were correctly placed or a mistake was discovered.
  • There have been three Hi Lo sets. The first one was orange colored (matching the colors of the show's first set) and lasted five years. The second one was white and clear and was introduced on June 12, 1978 (#2861D). The third and current set, introduced on October 26, 1990 (#7765D), is blue and still in use.
  • Until May 15, 2008 (#4334K), the game would be wheeled out on stage by two Barker's Beauties in front of Contestants' Row and the main prize was shown after the grocery items and the game play were described (a similar case that was originally with the Grocery Game), though on the September 22, 1997 (#0451K) playing, the prize description was read before the grocery items due to Bob interacting with the contestant. Since then, the game has been moved behind The Giant Price Tag and revealed after the main prize has been described like any other pricing game.
  • On October 25, 2013 (#6465K, aired out of order on October 11), a contestant named Amber Corral won a $20,000 bonus for being the first person on stage to win their pricing game during PCH week. It was played in the third slot.
  • On January 17, 2018 (#8173K, aired out of order on February 7), Drew and contestant Russell were standing in front of Contestant's Row while the prize displayed behind Door #2 was being described, and afterwards, one of the models wheeled out the game to be played at Center Stage.
  • On February 19, 2018 (#8221K, aired out of order on February 22), during Big Money Week, Hi Lo was played for $10,000, but unfortunately, it was lost.


  • This is the first pricing game to display its name on the game's prop.
  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 66.

Appearances outside of The Price Is RightEdit

A MadTV parody of The Price Is Right in 2002 featured a contestant playing a very abbreviated version of Hi Lo with four products. The set used was reminiscent of the latest version of the game.

International versionsEdit

On the British version hosted by Bruce Forsyth, this was played with similar gameplay, but two bonus prizes were offered and the contestant chose the prize they would like most if won.


Hi Lo for a 1967 CamaroEdit

Hi Lo for $10,000Edit