Heather Kozar (born May 4, 1976 in Akron, Ohio) is an American model and Playboy centerfold. She is also formerly known as one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right from 2001-2002.

Early LifeEdit

  • Hailing from Akron, Ohio, Kozar was raised in a strict Christian household. She wasn't allowed to watch any television programs that contained sex or cursing, especially soap operas as her parents felt they were too provocative. Because of growing up in a sheltered environment, Heather suffered from low self-esteem and had a hard time fitting in.
  • She graduated from Green High School located in Green, Ohio in the year 1994.
  • Soon after, she began chasing after her dreams of being discovered as she was determined to break free of her sheltered home life.

Career in PlayboyEdit

  • Heather would soon discover the highly huge impact she would have on men, mainly due to appearing in several issues of Hugh Hefner's famous men's magazine Playboy as she was the Playmate of the month for January 1998. She made her second appearance on the cover of the June 1999 issue of the magazine and soon after that, Heather received an even greater honor as she was named Playmate of the Year for 1999. Her original centerfold was photographed by Richard Fegley.
  • In addition to her pictorials in the popular men's magazine, Kozar also appeared in a few Playboy videos, made Playboy appearances in public venues and was a regular housemate at the Playboy mansion. In an interview, Heather stated that she felt by posing for Playboy, she discovered her own sexuality and beauty, and felt more confident about herself than ever before.
  • Aside from all her Playboy credentials , Heather has also modeled for companies such as Brut Colonge, BMW, Wendy's, and Cutty Sark Scots Wiskey.

The Price is RightEdit

  • In 2001, Heather was ready to take on a new challenge. She learned that The Price is Right was on the hunt of looking for two new Barker's Beauties (replacing ex-models Kathleen Bradley and Janice Pennington) and decided to give it a shot. She scored an audition as her tryout episodes aired during the week of March 26-30, 2001. She returned to the show later that May and remained until the end of that season (Season 29).
  • On the 30th Season Premiere episode of The Price is Right (aired on September 24, 2001), Kozar and Claudia Jordan, who had been with the series on a regular basis since February, were announced as the new, permanent Barker's Beauties. Heather would depart from the show in late May, early June 2002 just days before the 30th season drew to a close. It was speculated by some that she departed on hew own accord while others have speculated that she was fired. The show's producers later claimed that Heather's appearances on the program lead to "appearances in an increasing number of high paying television commercials and other assignments with some of which caused great conflict with the show’s production schedule", which resulted in Kozar being absent from several tapings that aired in the month of April.
  • Jennifer Wood, who was part of the model tryouts in 2001, stepped in as the temporary fill-in for the remaining days left of Season 30.

Later Career and Personal LifeEdit

  • Moving on from being a Barker's Beauty, Heather continued on work on other gigs and she later became the 2002 official St. Pauli Girl beer spokes-model.
  • As of today, Heather is happily married to ex-Cleveland Browns quarterback Tim Couch (married on February 26, 2005) and together they have two sons, Chase Scott Couch (born August 2005) and Brady Couch (born March 2009), and currently reside in Lexington, Kentucky.


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