Gridlock! is a pricing game that debuted on September 18, 2017 (#8011K), that is played for a car. Contestants must "navigate" mini cars out of a lane of traffic and into an empty lane by correctly giving the price of the vehicle to win.


The contestant is shown a series of mini cars, and is spotted the first digit in the price with the gray car. Next, they must pick a pair of numbers from one of three blue cars to figure out the 2nd and 3rd numbers in the price. Then, they must pick a second pair of numbers from one of three orange cars to figure out the 4th and 5th numbers to complete the price. If they make a mistake, they get one do-over. If they guess incorrectly a second time, he/she loses the game.


  • Gridlock debuted on September 18, 2017 (#8011K), the show is 46th season premiere. Its very first playing was a loss.
  • Gridlock has its first win on October 3, 2017 (#8032K), the game is second playing.
  • Gridlock received its second win on October 10, 2017 (#8042K) when it was played for a $97,950 Lexus LC 500 coupe during Season 46's Dream Car Week. This marks the most expensive car offered in the game and the most expensive car won.


Premiere PlayingEdit

First Gridlock WinEdit

Gridlock for a Lexus LC500Edit

First Perfect Gridlock PlayingEdit

YouTube VideosEdit

Gridlock! Premiere (September 18, 2017, #8011K)
Gridlock's First Win! (October 3, 2017, #8032K)

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