Freeze Frame is a game played for a prize that's less than $10,000. The game board features a ring of eight tiles, each with a two-digit number. A frame encloses two of the tiles at the top of the ring, which form a four-digit price.


  • For the game, the ring incrementally rotates one tile clockwise, each time stopping so that a different price appears in the frame. In keeping with the title of the game, this is usually accompanied with a "camera click" sound effect. To win the prize, the contestant must pull a lever to stop the ring from moving while the correct price of the prize is shown in the frame.
  • There are 8 possible price combinations in the game, but as with many other pricing games, usually only 2 or 3 of them are a realistic price for the prize being offered, which narrows the selection down.


  • While the reveal is by magic, the reveal has malfunctioned three times on April 6, 1995 (#9534D), April 11, 1995 (#9542D), and November 25, 1997 (#0542K); former producer Roger Dobkowitz came by on both instances to fix the problem, and the reveal was handled manually. The one from April 11, 1995 (#9542D) was won.
  • Freeze Frame is the last pricing game to offer a 4-digit car. A Ford Aspire worth $9,630 was offered on January 24, 1996 (#9823D).
  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 33.
  • Usually the game was concealed by the Giant Price Tag, but there were occasions where it was not in the Barker era, even a few occasions where the game was revealed before the prize. On February 21, 2018 (#8223K, aired out of order on February 19), the prize for the game was revealed behind Door #2 while Drew and the contestant were standing in front of Contestant's Row, and the camera pulled away from Door #2 to reveal the game at around the place where it would be played if behind the Giant Price Tag.