Erika Lisa Valdez (born in Key West, FL) is an American Model. She appeared as one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right during it's 32nd season.

Early Life & CareerEdit

Native of Key West, Florida, In High School, she was her High School's Senior Class President Homecoming Queen. After she graduated, Erika attended Florida State University where she majored in Legal Communications with a Minor in Political Science.

After college, Valdez was on the move as she traveled to Los Angeles ready to begin a new mission in life. Erika's been blessed to have worked as a model for seven years while still in college. She's appeared in a number of magazines including Stuff and Maxim as well as appearing on the covers of three swimsuit calendars.

"Price is Right" & Later CareerEdit

In 2004, Erika auditioned to become one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right during it's 32nd season on the air. Thousands of young up-and-coming models audition for the gig but only a selected few are chosen and Erika was one of those lucky ones that make it on-camera. She made her on-camera debut on April 30th (the same day that model Rachel Reynolds crashed the bumper of the car she drove on stage for the pricing game Lucky Seven) and continued on until May 19th for a total of 14 appearances.

After The Price is Right, Erika continued on with modeling but only part-time model, hoping to obtain more work later on. She is also a mentor and coaching young ladies competing in beauty pageants as she was a competitor for much of her life and genuinely enjoy helping others develop and embrace their inner and outer beauty.

In her spare time, she enjoys painting and creates new drawings for her series of angel portraits and her most recent line of "Starfish" pieces. She was inspired by starfish because no matter how any times you tear them apart, they grow back. Erika also enjoys working out as she frequently spends a lengthy amount of time at the gym and is also an avid runner.

She has the ultimate goal of becoming a respected book author and is currently seeking a book contract for one of three manuscripts she has written.

Valdez loves all aspects of modeling and has plans to continue for as many year as she can.


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