Enya Flack (born in Charlotte, NC) is an African-American Model and actress. She perhaps is more known as an actress. She's best known for being a series regular on the UPN sitcom Malcolm & Eddie as Malcolm Jamal Warner's love interest Bridget. In the Game Show world, she did brief stints as a tryout model on The Price is Right during it's 29th season and as a substitute briefcase model on the NBC Game Show Deal or No Deal during it's 2nd season.

Early LifeEdit

A native of Charlotte, North Carolina. Enya knew from an early age that she wanted to have a career in Hollywood. At the age of seven, she was studying ballet, the piano, and the flute. By the age of fourteen, Enya's career in the modeling field takes off.

Early CareerEdit

  • After graduating from High School. the straight-A student turned down a full scholarship in Engineering to attend George Washington University where she received a B.A. in Radio and Television Communications with a minor in Journalism and Music.
  • While in college, she became involved with both the Miss America and Miss USA Pageant systems where she believes she developed the confidence to perform in front of the camera. Upon graduation from college, she returned to her hometown in North Carolina, working as a news desk assistant and fill-in reporter for the local NBC affiliate.
  • Enya soon turned her attention back to not only modeling but also acting. In 1996, she landed a series regular role on the UPN sitcom Malcolm & Eddie, starring former Cosby Show actor Malcolm Jamal Warner and comedian Eddie Griffin. Enya's role on the sitcom was playing Bridget, a love interest for the character played by Warner.
  • She also had a lead role on Sci-Fi channel series Black Scorpion and countless guest starring roles on shows such as Ally McBeal, CSI: Miami, and NYPD Blue.
  • Her movie credits include: Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, Chairman of the Board, and Vegas C.O.D.

The Price is Right & Deal or No DealEdit

  • In 2001, Enya went back to the small screen and landed a different kind of TV gig. She auditioned to become one of two newest Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right during it's 29th season on CBS. She only taped five tryout appearances on the program as they aired from January 5 to January 11, 2001. Enya appeared alongside fellow tryout model Angela Chittenden, who also appeared on the same airdates.
  • A few years later after her brief stint on The Price is Right, Enya made another brief return to the Game Show world, this time appearing as Briefcase Model on the NBC Game Show Deal or No Deal during it's second season, appearing in only three episodes, standing beside briefcase #8.

Later CareerEdit

  • Flack has also worked as a freelance entertainment reporter for Extra! and E! Entertainment Television, has covered sporting events and documentaries. In 2002, she joined veteran CBS Sports Anchors Jim Hill and Steve Hartman on Sport Central, covering all sporting events from the NFL to the NBA to the NCAA Basketball, NASCAR, and the world series.
  • When not working in the entertainment field, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking and traveling. She enjoys working with children's charities and fondly admits having a special love for both exotic and domestic animals.

Personal TriviaEdit

  • Enya resides in Los Angeles and is active on Twitter.


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