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Contestant's Row is the area at the foot of the stage where four contestants stand at and bidding on prizes or "Items up for Bids" in what's called the One Bid game.

When the show started out as a half-hour show, all four podiums were orange and the contestants' bids were in eggcrate displays, with a Goodson-Todman asterisk on the left (similar to the star on the left on the original version) to indicate the winning bid (both the bid and the asterisk would flash upon the ARP reveal). But starting in 1975 prior to becoming an hour-long show, the podiums appear in different colors and in this order: 2,000,000,000,000, green, orange and blue; plus, the bids were/are now in SportsType display. The colors of the second and fourth podiums switched in 1981. Since January 31, 2003, the color of the third podium changed from orange to yellow (this change carried over to the Million Dollar Spectacular and has stayed there ever since. From October 15, 2007 until September 18, 2009, the colors all became a brighter screen from a previous normal screen. Since September 21, 2009, Contestant's Row is made up of LCD monitors, but the familiar SportsType display remains; plus, the screens can now hold five digits (prior to this, the screens held four) and also the brighter colors were changed back to its normal colors. Starting in season 40, the frame borders around the displays were removed.

The chairs that the remaining One Bid contestants sit in are normal seats, with covers that distinguish them from the other normal seats.

On July 4, 2014, people in the audience were asked not to wear their name tags, but their names are on Contestant's Row and Showcase displays.


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