Coming or Going is a game where you have a 50/50 chance to win a four-digit prize by having the numbers come towards you or go away from you.


  • In this game, the contestant sees a base number on a teeter-totter. Behind it are three other numbers which make up the price of a prize. The price of the prize can go either one of two ways: "Coming," pulling the teeter-totter to the left or "Going," pulling the teeter-totter to the right. Pulling it the right way wins the prize.


  • On October 9, 2003 (#2624K), exactly one week after its premiere, the game was first won on its second playing.
  • Coming or Going is the last pricing game to premiere prior to Rod Roddy's death.
  • Coming or Going was won three times on the primetime version of the show. It happened on the December 18, 2003 (#013SP, Bob's Birthday Party), May 22, 2004 (#018SP, Hall of Fame) and April 9, 2005 (#019SP, aired out of order on April 16) Million Dollar Spectaculars.
  • From October 2, 2003 (#2614K) to May 19, 2010 (#5173K), only the bell would sound if the player made the right decision. A buzzer sounds if the player chose incorrectly.
  • On June 8, 2010 (#5202K), a split screen was introduced to indicate if the contestant won or lost by having one of the prize models show the actual retail price of the grand prize.
  • On September 24, 2015 (#7214K), the thin silver metal holders that are used to keep the numbers in place were added.


  • When the game started out, there was no reveal, just a simple sound effect.
  • As of June 8, 2010 (#5202K), a model held a card with the right price on it and flipped over after the decision was made. However, the game was originally going to be called Coming & Going, with a price reveal, but it changed before taping.
  • There has never been any prize whose last number is a "0".
  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 34.
  • Coming or Going was the last pricing game to debut on the turntable until Vend-O-Price.
  • Former host Bob Barker would often say about the game, "In order to win, you (the contestant) just need to know whether you're coming or going."