A different version of the Grocery Game where the contestant had to guess prices for products and get within a certain limit higher or lower to win.


  • One by one, the contestant is asked to give a price for five grocery items. After all five prices are guessed, the contestant's guesses are totaled.
  • The actual prices for the five grocery items are then announced, one at a time. If the contestant's total is within $2 of the actual total above or below, the contestant wins a prize. The words "WIN" or "LOSS" would light up showing if the contestant won or not (the display is in red).
  • This is one of very few pricing games in which the contestant can go over the actual total and still win; Spelling Bee and Rat Race, which involves pricing small prizes, have this similarity.


  • Check-Out premiered on January 28, 1982 (#4374D) and was created by Kathy Greco and Barbara Hunter, both production assistants. On its first playing, it was lost.
  • The original winning range was 50 cents. This changed to $1 on April 3, 1996 (#9923D), before being raised to its current spread of $2 on October 13, 2003 (#2631K).
  • The game's actual price display, where it was originally a vane display, is now an eggcrate display. The display for the contestant's guesses and total remains a vane display. The game was not played from September 29, 1995 (#9665D) until April 3, 1996 (#9923D) in order to fix the display. The current look debuted on December 19, 2000 (#1632K). Also, for many years, the game's set included a "calculator" that the models used to enter the contestant's guesses. The calculator was removed on February 23, 2001 (#1713K), largely because the buttons no longer actually had a functional purpose, a fact which had inadvertently been made obvious on-the-air during one of its last appearances.
  • On three occasions, including the recent occurrence on July 4, 2008 (#4405K) (see below), the contestant has arrived at an exactly correct total, though never with perfect bids on each item.
  • During Price's "Youth Week" on March 23, 2018 (#8265K), Check-Out was played for $20,000, and was won.


  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 19.
  • The grocery bags that pop up with the actual prices on them are also used in the pricing game It's in the Bag.

International versionsEdit

On international versions, there was a different range featured on these versions:

  • Australia: On the 2012 revival, the winning range was AU$2.
  • France:
  • Italy: The winning range was 1.000. The actual prices were also revealed manually in this version.
  • Mexico: On the 2010 revival, the winning range was MXN$20.
  • United Kingdom: On Bruce's Price Is Right, the winning range was £1.


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Check-Out Perfection (July 4, 2008, #4405K)