Charlotte Arlt (born in Texas) is an American model, best know for her 1999 Miss Hawaiian Tropic International title and for appearing as a tryout model on The Price is Right during the 2001 Model Search.

Early CareerEdit

Charlotte started modeling after giving birth in 1998 and participated to many beauty pageants.

Her pageant titles are:

  • Miss Hawaiian Tropic Texas 1998-1999
  • Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA 1998-1999
  • Miss MET-Rx 1998-1999
  • Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 1999

Price is Right CareerEdit

In early 2001, Charlotte auditioned to become one of two new Barker's Beauties to permanently replace long-time ex-models Janice Pennington (after 29 years) and Kathleen Bradley (after 10 years). She first appeared for 10 episodes, from January 19 to February 2, 2001. She was asked to come back for 5 more shows, that aired in March.

After Price CareerEdit

In 2003, Charlotte appeared on Bikini Destinations, in the "On Location Las Vegas" episode.


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