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Here's a list of prices of known 2010 car models (unless noted on the year) that are featured on the show in the event contestants see these items again. All prices are the suggested retail price by the manfacturer on the US west coast.

Car model and brand Actual price
Lexux GS350 $47,513
Mercedes-Benz CLS550 $85,863
Land Rover LR4 $48,500
Cadillac CTS $41,690
Mini Cooper convertible $26,530
1955 Ford Thunderbird (V8, restored) $29,900
Hyundai Genesis 2.0 $22,750
Ford Escape XLT $27,319
Chevy Colbalt XFE $17,379
Toyota Tacoma $19,378
Chevy Equinox $21,785
Audi A5 $48,576
Ford Focus S $17,354
Chevy HHR $20,584
Honda Accord LX $21,055
Honda Element EX $23,641
Subaru Forrester $21,864

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