Brandi Sherwood-Cochran (born January 13, 1971 in Idaho Falls, Idaho) is an American model, Actress and former Pageant winner. She was best known for being one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right from 2002-2009. She was also the model on the Let's Make a Deal episode of Gameshow Marathon.

Early Life & Pageant BackgroundEdit

Native of Idaho Falls, Idaho. Brandi began competing in Beauty Pageants as a teen and at the age of 18, she entered both the Miss Idaho Teen pageant and Miss Teen USA in 1989. Eight years later, she made the jump to the grown-up pageants starting with Miss Idaho USA and later Miss USA, a competition in which fellow former model Claudia Jordan, who was Miss Rhode Island USA, also competed in. She started out as 1st runner-up of the pageant, but when winner Brook Lee won the title of Miss Universe 1997, Brandi assumed the crown. During her reign as Miss USA, Sherwood worked with Special Olympics. She has also worked with the DARE program and continues to volunteer her time speaking to students about resisting drugs and violence.

Price is Right CareerEdit

  • Before joining The Price is Right family as a rotating model, Brandi previously appeared on the show during Season 29 during model tryouts. She only taped five episodes as they aired nationally from April 30 to May 4, 2001.
  • Brandi made her return to The Price is Right stage early on in Season 31 as her first string of appearances ran from September 24 to October 21, 2002 and appeared more frequently afterwards. She ranked as the highest rotating model during Season 31 with 95 appearances (Shane Stirling ranked 2nd with 74 appearances and Lisa Gleave ranked 3rd with 40 appearances).
  • Sherwood continued on with the show as it transitioned into a new ear: the departure of 35-year veteran host Bob Barker and the arrival of then-newcomer Drew Carey.
  • After nearly eight years working as a model on The Price is Right, Brandi's world came crashing down after she announced she was pregnant and eventually fired as a result. After she was dumped from the show, she revealed that the show's producers made her life a living hell as they would make fun of her, subjecting her to cruel insults and one show staffer calling her "wide load" in an emotional interview.
  • Brandi wanted to get revenge as she filed a lawsuit against the staff of The Price is Right. In her court claim, she stated that she was rejected by the show's producers when she tried to return to work in early 2010 and that they ignored her over the next four to five months in trying to get a direct response about working.
  • She also stated that she was pregnant back in 2007 but was afraid to tell anyone out of fear of losing her modeling job on The Price is Right but due to the grueling scheduling of shows and severe stress, the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. She was even told by a heartless producer that losing the pregnancy was "nature's way of getting rid of a bad baby".
  • Sherwood also spoke of fellow former model Shane Stirling and reveal that she experienced similar cruel treatment from the show's producers as they forced her into an "early pregnancy leave" and wouldn't allow her to return to work for nearly a year and a half later only to be terminated a short time later.
  • In November 2012, she merged victorious as she won her lawsuit and received a hefty sum of more than $8.5 million dollars.[1][2] But sometime later in 2013, she was stripped of her money after the show's producers made an appeal and won. Three years later, she received an undisclosed amount in out-of-court settlement.

Personal LifeEdit

  • Brandi is married to movie actor Dean Cochran since 1999 and together they have one daughter.


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