Ashley Tigh Guerrero (born 1979) is a Latin/Hispanic/American Model, actress, singer/dancer. She briefly appeared as a model on The Price is Right during it's 36th season and was one of the first to join under the tenure of then-new host Drew Carey.

Early LifeEdit

There is a whole lot more to Ashley Guerrero than join beauty and talent. She is very athletic, skilled in Volleyball, trick riding, archery, and even boxing. She is also an experienced Horse trainer and is extremely competitive and enjoys taking on new challenges.

Early CareerEdit

  • Very early on, Ashley was destined for a career in the entertainment field as she worked hard to turn her dreams into a reality.
  • One of her many loves was music as she began auditioning for music and dancing gigs for Hip Hop, Line, Modern, Square, Club/Freestyle, Swing, Salsa dancing. Ashley also began auditioning for modeling gigs, modeling for various companies including Tinta Latina, Range Rover, Honda Pilot, California Speedway, and La Rue Clothing.
  • Guerrero kept busy, busy, busy as her resume' continued to grow.
  • She also auditioned for TV gigs including landing spots in various TV commercials including ESPN, McDonalds, Ford Focus, and Allstate.

Price is Right & Later CareerEdit

  • Ashley continued to land gigs in music, modeling, and television. She first gained TV fame after auditioning for and appearing as a model on The Price is Right during it's 36th season on the air and now with then-newcomer Drew Carey as host, replacing 35-year veteran Bob Barker, whose final episode aired on June 15, 2007. Ashley's first appearance on the game show aired on February 5, 2008 and continued to appear until February 12, with only 6 appearances under her belt.
  • From there, Guerrero moved onto to successfully land other TV and movie gigs. She's landed roles in movies including Barry Munday, Catch the Wind, and Hazard. Ashley has also worked in theater as she appeared in theatrical productions of Grease and Dracula.
  • She also continued working in the music field as she's performed for various music venues across the country and appeared in music showcase with music superstars including the band N'SYNC and Dru Hill.
  • Today, Ashley currently appears as a competitor on the ABC reality show The Quest and is ready to show the world just how competitive she is as her competitive spirit from from her hosting game nights with her friends. Guerrero currently resides in Murrieta, California.


  • Guerrero also speaks Spanish and has an Australian and a Southern Texan accent.


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